Final delivery

Three days ago: Lake Springfield is a dirty mutant breeding area.

Three days, Three hundred beers, and three eyes later…..

What Happened?

Springfield had issues with pollution in Lake Springfield and around Springfield Beach. The authorities started a project to keep the shores of Springfield clean.

The project had two business drivers:

  • Low Cost
  • Automation

To achieve both of these they wanted to use public resources such as voluntary work and citizen contribution and Cloud computing with autonomous solutions.

They named the project Project SEI, acronym for ‘Springfield Environmental Initiative’.

The objective will be to reckognize, identify and act on water pollution and changes in environment variables.


Springfield Authorities want to have more information about the amount of trash in Lake Springfield. Images is easy as a resource to identify floating garbage.

Project SEI decided to launch a satellite with great photo capabilities. The satellite was named the third eye, and takes images and sends them to a highly trained machine learning algorithm.

Images are analyzed and scored with type and location of the garbage.

Project COD – Current Orientation Detection

If Garbage is found floating in Lake Springfield, an automated process is started.

Project COD will counter the floating garbage by moving towards Springfield by artificial wind control (fans).

Project SEI`s ultimate pollution solution is to move all the garbage to Shelbyville. This will help Springfield since tourist no longer want to be in Shelbyville, and starts coming to Springfield as an pollution free alternative.

Large fan on Beach Springfield

Garbage detected -> FAN -> Moves it out of the way -> Promblem solved!

Project PIKE – Pollution Information Creation Engine

While the third eye taks care of 89% of the pollution, not all waste management can be solved this way.

One of the most significat sources of pollution information is Springfield Inhabitants. Project SEI launched an interactive PowerApp where inhabitants can:

  • Register photos of pollution
  • See live photos from the third eye
  • Help cleaning garbage and fighting pollution by solving incidents
PowerApp where citizents can report pollution incidents, tak part in manual cleanup tasks and watch live feed from the sattelite

Incidents found in the PowerApp are administrated from the Authorities backend system. When the authorities gets information from a PowerAPP user with pollution information, they will do a manual verification and create an Incident.

These Incidents will automatically be available in the PowerAPP, where inhabitans can choose to complete them, to get citizen scoring.

Project WHALE – Whater Hygine Alarm Level Entrance

Project SEI have created a portal with water hygine information for inhabitants and users of Lake Springfield and Springfield Beach.

Springfield Authorities have an extend set of tools to analyze and monitor the environment health of Lake Springfield

All data is stored in an database, which at a later point will be used to predict pollution patters and future water quality.

Project SWORDFISH – Surveillance Website for Ominous Diversity from Fish Irradiation in Springfield Habitats

Project SWORDFISH is a multi-headed animal, with large capabilities in both measuring and inhabitant information.

The Project will give Springfield Authorities access to realtime monitoring of Lake Springfield, and will help them implement measures to ensure a healthy environment

At the same time, Springfield Authorities will have a complete overview of trash found, inhabitant reports and indcient management for Lake Springfield.

The result:

Lake Springfield is Azure-Blue again!!

Our success formula

  • Keep your back straight
  • Work hard
  • Don`t cry if the judges suggest to piss in your aquarium
  • Don`t get Inmatidated (yes, its a pun) by other teams foul play

And most important:

Be(er) Strong!

Inmeta Inmates project submission

Lisa, a young smart girl, is concerned about Global Warming and really worried about her future. She thinks the decision makers (our leaders) are either taking a lot of time to act or simply don’t care about it.

So, Lisa called for a meeting at Springfield High School auditorium.
The goal was clear… She wanted to reach an agreement with all on a common solution to implement in Springfield that would make impact on a short term but also on a long term.

There were a lot of opinions, one smarter than others, but at the end everyone agreed with Lisa. What needs to change is our attitude towards sustainable consumerism and our daily habits.

Inmeta Inmates heard about the project and were so impressed that decided to join forces to create project L.I.S.A – “Learn and Improve through Sustainable Actions”. L.I.S.A is a cloud based platform that helps Springfield citizens improving the future of their community through encouraging sustainable consumer behaviour and educating the public about the consequences of their day to day actions.

Together we identified three stakeholders, key to the success of the project:

* The citizens of Springfield (consumers)

These are the people whos daily actions actually have a huge impact on the environment and thus the future of Springfield.
With the project we wanted to make it “cool” to care about the environment – protecting the planet and Springfield should be associated with social status. So we created an mobile app (Xamarin) which the citizens of Springfield to track their daily climate effecting actions. Appealing to people’s competitive nature it has been gamefied, so the more the user does to improve the environment, the more points they get (earn points for not driving, bringing your own bag to the supermarket instead of using plastic, shopping sustainable groceries). All the data is stored in Azure Cosmos DB through Event Hub + Stream Analytics. Notifications are send through Azure Notification Hub.

Bart is pissed off! Lisa is winning… no more plastic bags for Bart

IoT devices (MXCHIP and Particle Photon) will help user register even more data (Azure IoT Hub + Streaming Analytics + Blob Storage + PowerBI + CosmosDB) and gain more points. The device shown will act as a Home Hub, where it logs the home environment for point score evaluation algorithms. The device also receives c2d (cloud2device) notifications (Azure Functions triggered by CosmosDB) about the environment, current campaigns (explained later) with alerts and other tips.

Image result for mr burns
Mr. Burns WILL get this data, for sure…

 * The business owners of Springfield (Apu, Mr Burns, Moe, etc)

Cash is King. Project L.I.S.A will cost money – so it needs to be funded. We wanted to involve the local business owners both in contributing to the betterment of the community as well as help pay for the infrastructure. Business owners can advertise through the platform (from their SharePoint Site) and give extra green point earning opportunities to the citizens. For instance Apu could advertise double up on points for all vegetarian products purchased at his shop on a given day.

The business owners are also able to perform Power Actions. Each campaign will auto generate a Campaign room (Office 365 group / SharePoint site), where the business owner will be able to colaborate with internal resources and understand the campaign outcome. Behind this collaboration platform, we are using Microsoft Graph, KeyVaults, AD Apps, Logic Apps and Azure Functions.

* The decision makers (Mayor of Springfield)

The longterm health costs associated with bad air quality, carbon emissions are astronomical. Prevention is better than cure! The mayor of Springfield can use project L.I.S.A to gain intelligent insights of the current and forecasted air quality of Springfield using advanced statistical models. Using the platform (Bing Maps with Air quality live data in a PowerBI dashboard) the mayor can identify hotspots on a given day (e.g large air pollution) and take action to reduce it. For instance double up on points to all citizens in that area who takes the public transport instead of the car. The savings in health costs are real. And decision makers who cares about the future of Springfield will get more votes at the next election!

Campaign notification for the population

Mayor is happy. Air quality in Springfield is getting better, respiratory health effects of air pollution are dropping, which is reflecting on the healthcare budget, now dropping by 25%. This is giving him the opportunity to spend the saved money in making Springfield even better.

Related image

IoT is used to actively guide Springfield citizens to live the day to day life more sustainable.

The Inmeta Inmates team

Image result for simpsons inmates
Judges… in case of low score… you know… SHIP IT!

Empowering the citizens of Springfield

Submitting a pollution report through the PowerApp generates a record in Dynamics 365, which can be evaluated by the employees of the administration. The image posted by the citizen is stored in blob storage, and is shown in a separate tab on the record in Dynamics 365. This is done with a dash of JavaScript on the form that appends the filename of the image to a static URL.

We have also implemented a securely embedded Power BI report on each pollution element that is filtered dynamically based on the currently opened record. This recently released feature allows embedding of filtered Power BI reports using only a couple of lines of JavaScript.


In order to motivate the citizens of Springfield to contribute and participate in the garbage relocation / removal project, each pollution report is scored randomly between 1 and 5 points. This way, it is equally unfair for everyone as it should be. Each citizen’s aggregated score is used to determine which citizen is named Springfield MGP, or “Most Gullible Person”.

The citizens can register and can create their own profile to the Citizen Portal, in which they can view their own pollution reports and their own pollution reporting score. This portal will also contain the MGP scoreboard. The portal is styled according to the Springfield style guide and is running Dynamics Portals.

The portal will also show an embedded Power BI report of the current scoreboard of the MGP initiative.

The portal also includes a FAQ page for citizens which answers common questions regarding waste disposal, manipulation of lake currents and the MGP initiative.

Oh noo, Spiderpig is out causing trouble!

As most of you know, the present of spiderpig is not going to improve your day. It Is like a black cat walking across the road from you, only 1000 times worse. So if you see spiderpig you better make sure you are not anywhere close to dangerous situations or objects.  This is why we know that when spiderpig is around, the likelihood of the nuclear reactor going boof is much greater. Therefore, this has been taken into consideration in our solution.

As you probably understand by now, the presents of spiderpig are going to cause the temperature in the nuclear reactor to rise (oh yes, we think of everything). So just like news companies gives everyone the possibility to tip-off on important news so they can share it with all of us, we have created a PowerApp which makes it possible for the recidents to report if spiderpig has been seen grunting around. In this way everyone is alerted of the situation, and can cooperate to keep everyone safe from the bad luck of the spiderpigs. In order to make it possible for the resident to know where spiderpig has been seen, a marker is beeing placed for the places reported.

In this way, if you are afraid of beeing struck of the bad luck of spiderpig you might want to try to avoid some of those places. We want nothing but a happy safe environment for our residents.

We wish for you all to not be struck by the bad luck of spiderpig. May the odds be ever in your favor!

CRM Dynamics Tip of the day #1

Just a quick tip from the three eyed fishes…

If you ever find your self in a situation, where you need to open an pop-up async, you are in for a nasty suprise. Modern browsers, with theirs pop-up blockers, and what not, tend to block all windows not directly initialied from an user event.

Our use-case was that we needed to load some data async, after a click on a ribbon button, and show a popup based on the async data.

The solution is to pop the window first, load the data async, and update the url of the windows:

SCP – Springfield collaboration platform

For larger projects Springfield municipal need some kick ass collaboration tools to coordinate their work. We have therefore implemented the Springfield collaboration platform (SCP), which weaves Dynamics365, Teams and SharePoint into a powerful soup, providing maximum business value, from their existing licenses.

The solution

For larger projects, where we need to coordinate multiple people, a project is created in Dynamics:

After the project is created the “Teams Creator” is launched:

The “Teams Creator” defaults to the name and description from the project, but allows you change it if needed. A predefined collection of channels, with configuration, is selected. When the user clicks the “Opprett team” button, the provisining is started.

The provisining kicks-off, and starts creating the team, configurating channels and tabs. And copies default project files from a SharePoint template area.

After the job is completed the teamsid and url is written back the the project entity in Dynamics, so we can open the Team directly from Dynamics:

The resulting Team:

In Teams we now have a complete collaboration platform. We have tabs with project execution help from SharePoint and taskboard from devops.

We also leverage the official Microsoft teams integration, so we can view the Dynamics project from Teams.

The technology

The Teams creator is written as a client side app, in React, and lives among the webresources in Dynamics.

It is registrered as an Azure AD app and given the required permissions in Microsoft Graph:

When we click “Create Team” we use adal.js to get an accessToken, for Graph, from the Azure Ad registration:

We then use the teams enpoint in Microsoft Graph to create the team:

After the team is created, we create the configurated channel and tabs. The reason we create the channels after the team is created, is that you cant configurate the General channel, on create, in the current Graph endpoint.

We then copy files from a template site in SharePoint to the new Team’s SharePoint area:

When the team creation is finished we write the id and url of the team back to Dynamics so we can hide the “Create Team button” and show “Open Team button”